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01 January
Case Study Case Study

Case Study – Legalesign


We worked with Legalesign by probing them about the product in detail.  We wanted to understand what the future held for the industry and find an angle on it that would work for the UK nationals by bringing to life what the surge towards electronic signatures might mean for every day life.  We developed a story about how a pen might be used solely as ceremonial tool for getting married; positioning e-signatures as a technology that will become ubiquitous in the future and stressing how secure and convenient they are to use.

Once we felt we had a good angle, we made a direct approach to the BBC News website ‘Technology of Business’ Editor.  Using contacts to make sure the email was read, the Editor agreed it was a great story, got one of his team to write it up and the story was published.

Once the story was out, we set into motion a chain of events to ensure the credibility of getting the BBC Website story was carried into other areas.  We issued a prepared press release and upon our instruction legalesign issued an e-newsletter to all of their current and potential customers.  A LinkedIn and Twitter advertising campaign began to drive awareness of the BBC article.  We received further interest from The Scotsman and other b2b outlets who were interested in the story.

Below is a selection of media coverage gained for the client: 2014 the BBC issued a report to say that the website received 25m hits a week

The feedback from the client was that their sales pipeline had strengthened as their credibility had increased with the BBC article.  They had seen a small uplift in new enquiries, a spike in website traffic and a significant increase in social media engagement.

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