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20 April

Charity Fundraising Feats

At Garland PR we’re always delighted to hear that people are raising money for our pro bono charity client Veterans With Dogs. People often find new and inventive ways to raise funds but one man’s endeavour has really taken our breath away!

The Alternative London Marathon

Now, we don’t mind doing five minutes on the rowing machine at the gym but what Giles Nevill is attempting is staggering. On 22nd April, he’s aiming to complete ‘The Alternative London Marathon’ by rowing 26.22 miles on a Concept 2 rowing machine. He reckons it will take 3.25 hours to complete which definitely puts our own efforts to shame!

Giles will be rowing from 11am at Potters Field Park on the southern side of the Thames close to Tower Bridge. To support him please do visit his totalgiving page here.

Good luck Giles (and, of course, everyone who is running the marathon this Sunday)!

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