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23 February

Meditation Now App Release


Our client, Mindfulness Everywhere, the creator of buddhify, the critically-acclaimed and best-selling meditation app, has launched a new foreign language app.

Called Meditation Now in English, the new app is available in Brazilian Portuguese, Latin American Spanish, Castilian Spanish, German and Italian and will be called Meditação Já, Meditación Ya, Meditation Jetzt and Medita Ora.

Designed to help develop calm, self-awareness and kindness for people with busy lives, the new app is available for both iOS and Android devices. It initially features 21 different guided meditations for the following activities: waking up, travelling, walking, taking a break from work, when you’re feeling stressed, at home and when you’re going to sleep.

Commenting on the launch of Meditation Now, Rohan Gunatillake, creative director at Mindfulness Everywhere said:

“Thanks to the growing evidence into the benefits and effects of mindfulness-based meditation, there are more and more people around the world who are interested in trying it for themselves. But the problem is that the vast majority of the apps and courses out there are in English and also require you to have a lot of time to learn. As a company, we’re passionate about making mindfulness accessible to people all around the world and in a way that is convenient and easy-to-try. That is why we made Mediation Now and have released it in five different languages.”

“This last year has proved to be a very exciting time for Mindfulness Everywhere. Our flagship English-language app, buddhify, exceed 50 million minutes of meditation, we launched a sleep-focused app called Sleepfulness and we also made a product called Kara, in partnership with a major cancer hospital in the USA, which uses mindfulness techniques to support people affected by cancer. But of all our various products, we are most excited by Meditation Now. Not only does it allow us to share our unique style of modern mindfulness with new countries, but it also means we will learn about what is unique to people in the different countries when it comes to mindfulness and wellbeing.”

In 2016 Mindfulness Everywhere launched Kara, a range of guided mindfulness meditations designed to support people affected by cancer. Also available is Sleepfulness- an app packed with guided tracks designed to improve your sleep.

Meditation Now for iOS devices costs £1.99 and can be downloaded here:

For Android devices it costs £1.49 and can be downloaded here:

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