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28 April

Rohan Gunatillake in Good Housekeeping

Rohan Gunatillake in Good Housekeeping

We were very happy to see our long-standing client Rohan Gunatillake, creator of mindfulness app buddhify, featured in Good Housekeeping‘s three-page spread ‘The Beginners’ Guide to All Day Calm’ in the May 2017 edition.  The feature was a no-nonsense guide to incorporating meditation and mindfulness into everyday life.

Rohan offered advice as to how to get over the initial hurdle of finding the opportunity to sit down and meditate for the first time.  He stressed that even short sessions of five-ten minutes should be encouraged; “It’s like shaking a bottle of muddy water – it takes time to settle and the water to become clear”. 

He also gave advice for practicing meditation on the move. Tips such as focusing on the feeling of your feet hitting the pavement, or clasping your hands and centring your attention on the sensations in your fingers, can help make mindfulness an unobtrusive part of your daily life.

Finally, Rohan answered questions from people who doubted the practicality or efficacy of mindfulness.  One particularly interesting question came from someone who felt that ‘doing nothing’ felt self-indulgent, to which Rohan replied that practicing mindfulness is not doing nothing, it is training your mind to “make like easier for yourself.”

Rohan is the creator of the mindfulness app buddhify, which has logged over 50 million minutes of meditation, the Sleepfulness app,  and Kara; a free-to-use mobile site which contains a range of guided mindfulness meditations designed to support people affected by cancer.  He is also the author This is Happening (published as Modern Mindfulness in the US). 

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